Is there a generic way to map a top-level property in spring-boot configuration property classes?

public class MailMimeConfigProperties {
  private final Address address = new Address();
  private final Parameters parameters = new Parameters();
  private final DecodeParameters decodeparameters = new DecodeParameters();
  private final DecodeText decodetext = new DecodeText();

  public static abstract class Node {
    private boolean strict;
    private String rootValue; // how can we map this???
    public boolean isStrict() { return this.strict; }
    public void setStrict(boolean strict) { this.strict = strict; }
    public String getRootValue() { return this.rootValue; }
    public void setRootValue(String rootValue) { this.rootValue = rootValue; }
  public static class Address extends Node {}
  public static class Parameters extends Node {}
  public static class DecodeParameters extends Node {}
  public static class DecodeText extends Node {}

If I define my own properties I can design them following best-practices for spring-boot but since here I need to map Jakarata Mail properties that are given and I cannot change them and have to be able to configure something like this in

# How, can I map rootValue as top-level property?

I have search the web (stackoverflow, baeldung, github, etc.) but could not find a solution to this problem.
Is there a way to solve this problem with spring-boot via some annotation or via some magic property name or whatever workaround?