There are some of macOS-specified shortcuts like S-c (yank) S-s (save-buffer) … on --with-ns compilation on emacs.

However I think some of these shortcuts are not appends the existing keybindes on emacs (which is expected), but making the existing keybinds unusable.

For example, I cannot press C-x-C-s or C-s on --with-ns version on emacs. It is wierd that these keybinds cannot be scannable for emacs. When I press it, emacs simply do not responds. The minibuffer waits for next input like C-x-C- even if I pressed multiple times s, and when i pressing other key on keyboard, It responds and that other binding is executed. I’m able to use S-s for saving and S-f for I-search instead, but these keybindings are not comfortable for my hands, so I really want to use the original one.

Is there anyone experiencing same thing on macOS? Or if anyone has any ideas on how to fix it, I’d really appreciate it.

I tried to unbind the S-* bindings, but it just unbinds the bindings, and the default keybindings are still not usable.