Solarwinds AlwaysON [closed]

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I am trying to use Solarwinds Appinsight for SQL Server to monitor AlwaysOn Availability Groups. I have 2 servers in a AlwaysON availability Group on SQL Server 2016 SP3, running on Windows 2012R2. The SQL Servers are using named instances as follows:



I am following the document here:

Use AppInsight for SQL to monitor an active SQL Server cluster (

As described in this doc, I have added a node based on the VIP address (also known as the HA Listener address), this seems to work ok and appinisght for SQLServer appears to be showing correct statuses. However, when I failover the cluster to the secondary replica. Solarwinds recognises the new primary node, but the appinisght for SQL Server monitor fails to show correct statuses because it doesn’t switch over to start using the new instance name.

For example, if server1instance1 is the primary, when I failover to server2instance2, solarwinds recognises server2 but thinks it has a sql server instanced named “instance1” and obviously fails to connect.

I cannot seem to find any solution to this, and wondered if others had similar experiences that they were able to resolve?

Many thanks in advance for your help.