Sending Video Stream to the python server from flutter

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my project that detects or predicts ASL symbols in live stream in python using openCV to open camera and using mediapipe i fetch/extract 21 handmark points (21–(x,y)=42 values) and then pass that values to the model for prediction and its working fine on python. Now the issue i am facing is How to link / integrate it with flutter app?
i want to connect my flutter camera with python
mean that there are two option according to me:
1.) is in flutter I Extarct that 21 handmark points using MediaPipe
2.)send live camera stream to the python backend so the python extract handlandmarks form live stream and then pass that handlandmarks value to the model and after predicting return Predicted Letter to the flutter

I tried both of these method But 1.) Mediapipe Not working on Flutter
2.) Flutter is not sending correct bytes to python server / Python are unable to generate image from that bytes.

Need help ASAP!

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