I’m trying to add pod'SalesforceSDKCore' pod 'MobileSync' into my iOS project but after installing the pods I’m getting the following error after build the project.

Error Details :
rsync error: some files could not be transferred (code 23) at /AppleInternal/Library/BuildRoots/ce725a5f-c761-11ee-]a4ecb6ef2fd8d87b/Library/Caches/com.apple.xbs/Sources/rsync/rsync/main.c(996) [sender=2.6.9]Command PhaseScriptExecution failed with a nonzero exit code

added the pod’s as per the instruction in https://trailhead.salesforce.com/content/learn/modules/mobile_sdk_native_ios/mobilesdk_ios_cocoapods

# needs to be first 
  source 'https://github.com/CocoaPods/Specs.git'
 pod 'SalesforceSDKCore'
  pod 'MobileSync'