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A company’s cybersecurity team took decisive action to remove all permissions from the old role. This will make it The machine learning (ML) pipeline breaks until multiple services are updated with a new role created by the cybersecurity teamfor use.

The current architecture uses CodePipeline to automate deployments. Monitor CodeCommit, build an ECR image with CodeBuild, and then train ML with Step Functions The main pipeline for models to interact with SageMaker is not yet operational. (The following is the architecture diagram)

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The green boxes around the model training CodePipeline in the current architecture diagram represent the services that need to be used. You can use this diagram to help determine the correct IAM role to use for CodePipeline.

(1) Created Components:

A CodeCommit repository with model code

Amazon ECR repositories

A Step Functions state machine used for model training

Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) buckets

Amazon DynamoDB table artifact registry

All required IAM roles and policies

(2) Services that should be used



Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Step Functions

Amazon SageMaker

(3) Tasks

Explore the Amazon Web Services Management Console to identify non-functional corners that have them associated color service. Once you’ve identified these services, you’ll need to determine which IAM operations each service requires to function properly, and then find the IAM roles that meet those requirements. Once the role is determined, the service needs to be updated to use the IAM role so that it runs error-free

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