Python Base class for instantiating API query module

So I am writing a datamodel in python that interacts with an python module that queries the api.

class QueryAPI():
   def __init__(self, clientid, clientsecret):
      self.clientid = clientid
      self.clientsecret = clientsecret
   def create_user_info(self, name, address):

class MyModel(object):
   def __init__(self, name, address); = name
      self.address = address
   def commit():
      create_user_info(name, address)

and this api has lot more functions that will be used by my other datamodels. Right now, I am wondering where should I instantiate this QueryAPI object. Does it make sense to have a base class that instantiate it and have all my data models access it from there?


You can use the concept of a connection object (similar to how database driver libraries work) . Your API clients will instantiate your QueryAPI object once passing the clientid and secret.

client = QueryAPI(clientid, clientsecret)

user = User(name, address)

If your data model objects can in turn own child objects it might be better to keep a reference to the QueryAPI in each data model to provide a more fluent interface.

client = QueryAPI(clientid, clientsecret)

user = client.create_user(firstname, lastname) # return a new user object with a reference to the QueryAPI

childentity = user.create_child_entity(attribute1, attribute2) # return a new child entity with reference to user and the QueryAPI 

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