The destination server has only one folder name : upload. Some file exists under ‘upload’ folder. I need to move some file from my project.

This is the destination server address:
$host = "103.***.***.666"; $user = "user_name"; $pass = "pass_word"; $ftpConnection = ftp_connect($host,21,90) or die("could not connect"); //work well $ftp_login = ftp_login($ftpConnection, $user, $pass) or die("could not login"); //work well $ftp_pasv = ftp_pasv($ftpConnection, true); //work well

The problem start :
when i want to get the file list from destination server.

`$remote_server_dir = “/upload”;
$files_on_server = ftp_nlist($ftpConnection, $remote_server_dir);
var_dump($files_on_server) ; // return boolean false

$project_file = “”;
if (ftp_put($ftpConnection, “$remote_server_dir/file.png”, “$project_file”, FTP_ASCII)){
echo “Successfully”;
}else{ echo “not success”}`

// result : not success