I’ve been trying to deploy Karpenter, something similar to this example here: https://github.com/aws/karpenter-provider-aws/blob/main/examples/v1beta1/100-cpu-limit.yaml

I’ve been getting the following error

flux reconcile source git flux-system && flux reconcile kustomization infrastructure       
► annotating GitRepository flux-system in flux-system namespace
✔ GitRepository annotated
◎ waiting for GitRepository reconciliation
✔ fetched revision master@sha1:29b03359f1871cc930f9d1bf4886dad12151d0e6
► annotating Kustomization infrastructure in flux-system namespace
✔ Kustomization annotated
◎ waiting for Kustomization reconciliation
✗ Kustomization reconciliation failed: EC2NodeClass/karpenter/default dry-run failed, 
error: no matches for kind "EC2NodeClass" in version "karpenter.k8s.aws/v1beta1"

Can’t find any issue about EC2NodeClass being unavailable