How to list amazon sso users in net6 service?
Have installed packages

<PackageReference Include="AWSSDK.Core" Version="3.7.303.5" />
<PackageReference Include="AWSSDK.IdentityManagement" Version="3.7.300.54" />
<PackageReference Include="AWSSDK.Organizations" Version="3.7.302.1" />
<PackageReference Include="AWSSDK.SecurityToken" Version="3.7.300.65" />
<PackageReference Include="AWSSDK.SSOAdmin" Version="3.7.302.49" />```

Have tried searching ListUsers method in AmazonSSOAdminClient, it seems it's not present there (AmazonSSOClient is not found at all);
Have tried getting users using AmazonIdentityManagementServiceClient, am getting iam:ListUsers instead of needed analog of aws  identitystore list-users --identity-store-id ***