I currently have several NB_MODULEs, and those have some nb:classes which are identical. I’m looking to move those to a common place so that each NB_MODULE can use them from the same location, eliminating some duplicate code.

I have created another module called ‘common_definitions’ and added one class there like this:
`NB_MODULE(common_definitions_ext, m)

nb::class_<example_t>(m, "example_t")
    .def(nb::init<int64_t, int32_t>())
    .def_rw("utc", &example_t::u_utc_time)
    .def_rw("time_zone", &example_t::s32_time_zone);


Now, I can create such an object from a test case like this:
date = common_nb_definitions.example_t(1701340147, 180)

However, when I try to assign that to another module:
input = another_module.another_module_input()
input.s_date = date

It fails like this:

input.s_date = date
TypeError: (): incompatible function arguments. The following argument types are supported:
1. (self, arg: s_example_t, /) -> None

Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

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