Working with Piranha CMS and am working on custom forms in the Manager area. Leaning how it is put together and get a basic empty page up. I have:

  1. Created a menu group and added an item
  2. Added the namespace to the webconfig file
  3. Created a controller with an action pointing to the view

It worked, but .NET squawked about needing a WebViewPage. On the top of the view I added:

@inherits System.Web.Mvc.WebViewPage

The page displays correctly now, but I am at loss as to how to create a custom page in the manager section and pass a model to it? I don’t have a layout.cshtml, and I can’t find a page to attach a model to.

It helps if the view folder has the web.config file, of course!
I checked the web.config earlier but it was one in another folder. Things are working as expected now.