LF will be replaced by CRLF next time git touches it – how to make git execute this?

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I’m trying to diff two filesets – one received by a vendor and one in a git repo, so I’m using git diff --name-only repo/files/ shipped/files/ to see what files have been affected.

I have git config core.autocrlf true already, so I’m expecting git to go ahead and do this – that’s fine by me because it makes the diff sensible. However, it doesn’t seem like git diff counts as “touching” the file enough to replace the line endings as it should.

I did a git add * in the repo, however the fileset I’ve been sent is not a repo, so I still get the error there.

git config core.autocrlf false does not make the warning go away, as I expected it would have.

I’m fine with replacing the line endings, but how do I encourage git to go ahead and do so?