KustoConnectionStringBuilder.with_aad_application_certificate_authentication in Synapse notebook

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I am trying to use app with certificate for authentication in KustoConnectionStringBuilder, the certificate is saved in a KeyVault, as I found from the examples in github is required to download the PEM file as shown in the code below:

filename = "path to a PEM certificate"
with open(filename, "r") as pem_file:
    PEM = pem_file.read()

thumbprint = "certificate's thumbprint"
kcsb = KustoConnectionStringBuilder.with_aad_application_certificate_authentication(cluster, client_id, PEM, thumbprint, authority_id)

Could someone point me in how to properly retrieve the certificate from the KeyVault in Synapse, I tried using DefaultAzureCredentials and looks is not supported in Synapse, is there any way to retrieve the cer file using linked service of the KeyVault?