So, i have an Android Room entity that have a properties which is a list of a data class. Like this:

   @ColumnInfo(name = "titles")
   val titles: List<AnimeTitleEntity>,

And I’m using a type converter to handle this by converthing this value from list of data class into JSON and vice versa with Moshi.

import util.fromJson as MoshiFromJson

internal class AnimeTitlesConverter {

    fun fromJson(json: String): List<AnimeTitleEntity> {
        return MoshiFromJson<List<AnimeTitleEntity>>(json) ?: emptyList()

    fun toJson(titles: List<AnimeTitleEntity>): String {
        return MoshiToJson(titles)
val KotlinMoshi: Moshi = Moshi
inline fun <reified T> fromJson(data: String): T? {
    val adapter = KotlinMoshi.adapter(
    return adapter.fromJson(data)

I can fetch this normally from room, and do some logging, and the app didn’t even throw an error or crash if i don’t do anything to this model like converting them into another model. But the problem starts happening when I’m trying to map this, and when I log the data type of the properties its actually a linkedHashMap. So, Room never really return a list of the data class but not having an error.

Entity type: class com.squareup.moshi.LinkedHashTreeMap

How can this happen while not causing error? Because the property should be a list of data class and not LinkedHashTreeMap. And what is the solution for this?