JavaFX project not compiling into .jar

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it’s my first time compiling a javafx (or a program at all) into .jar, my problem is the following:

The program works perfectly fine (an employee management app which connects to phpmyadmin via xampp and a jdbc connector) my problem comes when I try to compile it, everywhere I see says the same:

File > project structure > artifacts > + > jar > from modules with dependencies > i chose my launcher class (not the same as main because I’ve seen chosing the one that extends application can give issues) > ok > apply > ok > build > artifacts > project:jar.

this is a short video (1 min) of what i’m doing, please help me, all the places tell me to do the same but I always obtain the same result.

Also, Currently I’m using openjdk-20.0.1 if this helps to sort the problem out.

Thanks in advance.