Issues with Custom Credential Provider for Windows Using ICredentialProviderCredential2 Interface

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I have developed a custom credential provider for Windows using the ICredentialProviderCredential2 interface. However, I’m encountering issues when trying to log in using this custom method.
The Event Viewer logs the following errors:

Error upon login attempt:
The Connected Devices Platform Service service terminated with the following error: Unknown error, Event ID: 7023
(When I try to restart this service, I get an error: Unknown error, couldn´t restart)

Subsequent error after 2 minutes:
The server "{284CACFE-B6F2-461A-90C3-A7ACC8353816}" could not be registered with DCOM within the specified time period.
Event ID. 10010
Also, the server CLSID changes every time I attempt to log in.

Can anyone help me understand why these errors occur and how to fix them?

I ensured that DCOM dependencies are running which are:

  • Network Connection Broker
  • Remote Procedure Call (RPC)
  • TCP/IP Protocol Driver

In services.msc/Connected Devices Platform Service/Properties/Recovery tab and set First failure, Second failure, and Subsequent failures to Restart the Service.

Enabled shared experiences, turned on the toggle for Share across devices and selected My devices only.

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