Is this unprofessional when “Wappalyzer” sees all my technology? [closed]

After I installed “Wappalyzer”, extension wich display technology, wich site using. I checked many sites and in most of cool projects, like “Youtube”, “Github”,”stackoverflow” etc, wappalyzer display only some js framework and comercial things.
But when I checked sites, wich I builded on Django, wappalyzer display all my technologes in backend and frontend.
Maybe question is to broad, but I just saw this pattern and thought I do something wrong and some common things lies on a surface.


Wappalyser will not be able to see the backend code running on a remote server. If you are running your Django site locally, then it will be able to inspect and report on everything.

or to put it another way, you do not have access to Youtube’s backend server so you cannot tell anything about it or the technology it uses. You do have full access to your own, local server so you can tell everything about it.


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