Is there a VBA method for extracting the original server path of an Excel file when working from a local temp file

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Im trying to SaveAs a file that is stored on a server in a different file format. The sub folders that the file is stored in on the server wont be consistent so I cant simply write the path in as a string I need to be able to extract it dynamically.

The true path of the file is:

smb:// Group/164626/_data/FileName.xlsx

But when I use ActiveWorkbook.FullName I get:


Is there a method that will pull the true path? Since ActiveWorkbook.Save works as intended I assume that information is in there somewhere.

I’ve tried using fso.get and Workbook.FullName but they only pull the local temp path. All the documentation I find is for finding the local file path when I need the server file path. Or the documentation is about finding out the server path manually and then writing it as a string. I cant do that since the exact path wont always be the same.

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