Is Nested Structure with Spread Responsibilities Not Logical?

Given the following code snippet in a Laravel Controller:

                $request->attributes->get('user'), $request->all(), $id
        $request->input('files') ?? []
    $request->input('contact') ?? []

As you can see, each first parameter should be a ‘Project’ (an object that implements the interface ‘Project’).

Doubtful Point

The doubtful point is the method ‘saveByProject’ in each repository. In userRepository for example, it saves the user and the relation between user and given project, and returns the project with the related user. I hope you understand the construction. You know this works too for files (FileRepository), etc.

Pros and Cons of the Solution Above


  • Less dependencies in ProjectRepository
  • Less procedural, because it’s one statement
  • Readable, but other than “logical”


  • Multiple repositories with method ‘saveByProject’
  • Less readable in comparison with method chaining

Alternative : Method Chaining


  • More readable
  • FileRepository and other repositories know nothing about Project


  • ProjectRepository has many dependencies (see code snippet below)
  • ProjectRepository has many methods

Code snippet:

    $request->attributes->get('user'), $request->all(), $id
->saveFiles($request->input('files')) // call FileRepository
->saveMetrics($request->input('metrics')); // call MetricRepository 


Each save* method calls the right repository, but handles saving the relation with the project by itself, and returns the project.


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