Is it good to consider elastic search a datastorage?

I am very new to elastic search and i need to know it is even useful to store data?

because i was curious to try my hands on how elastic search works and i used postman>run elastic search then added some data in postman and then could able to do POST operation on the data

so i need to know without any database also how it is working?

Any explanation would be a great help


Is it good to consider elastic search a datastorage?

It is even better to consider it a search engine.

But you are right, some people indeed use Elasticsearch as database.

See: Jetslide uses ElasticSearch as Database

This post explains how one could use the search server ElasticSearch
as a database. I’m using ElasticSearch as my only data storage system,
because for Jetslide I want to avoid maintenance and development time
overhead, which would be required when using a separate system. Be it
NoSQL, object or pure SQL DBs.

See also:

Elasticsearch supports real-time GET requests, which makes it suitable
as a NoSQL datastore, but it lacks distributed transactions.


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