I have a QR code, that was created by a third party. I can read and decode the QR code with basically all available QR code readers. But I need to be able to recreate the QR code with the exact same parameters that were used for this QR code.

I can see the self-evident parameters like QR version and error detecting level. But to this point, I have been unable to recreate QR code, such that the resulting QR code image looks exactly like the provided one.

Third party QR code

I tried to create the QR code using .NET’s QRCoder and ZXing.Net. They provide a variety of input parameters and I tried creating the QR code with a fair amount of variations of these parameters, but none resulted in the same QR code as the one I have been provided with.

What options do I have to analyze the QR code in such detail that I will be able to recreate it? Since all the QR code readers are able to decode it, it should be possible to recreate it too …


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