I am currently developing a Discord bot that utilizes modals for user input. The bot facilitates various actions through buttons, and users are required to input certain values into a modal. However, some of these values can be challenging for users to remember, which can potentially hinder the user experience. To address this, I am looking to implement an autocomplete feature within the Discord modals. This would allow users to receive suggestions as they type, streamlining the process and enhancing usability.

I have conducted extensive research to determine if Discord officially supports an autocomplete feature for modals, but I have not found any relevant information in the official documentation or forums. It appears that such functionality is not natively supported by Discord at this time. I am reaching out to the community to inquire if there is any unofficial workaround or custom implementation that could facilitate this feature. If anyone has insights, alternative approaches, or experience with implementing a similar feature, your guidance would be greatly appreciated.

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