I’m developing a React Native application and I need to integrate UPI (Unified Payments Interface) payments

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In my React Native application, I’m aiming to implement UPI (Unified Payments Interface) as a payment method. While researching, I discovered the UPI Intent flow as a potential implementation approach. However, I’m seeking guidance on effectively integrating it into my React Native project.

  1. Are there any recommended practices or considerations for utilising the UPI Intent flow within a React Native environment?

  2. Could you outline the general steps or strategies involved in integrating the UPI Intent flow into a React Native app? Are there any code examples or libraries that might be helpful?
    Security Considerations: What security measures should be prioritised when implementing UPI payments through the UPI Intent flow?

Any insights or examples from the community that have successfully implemented UPI payments in their React Native projects would be tremendously valuable.

**I’ve been exploring UPI payment integration in my React Native app and have identified the UPI Intent flow as a suitable approach.
While researching, I discovered packages like react-native-upi-payment. However, I’m hesitant to proceed without a deeper understanding of their reliability and best practices for integration.

Ideally, I’d like to gain insights from the community on the following:

Package Recommendations: Are there any widely trusted or recommended packages for leveraging the UPI Intent flow in React Native?
Integration Best Practices: What are the standard steps or considerations for securely implementing UPI payments through the UPI Intent flow within a React Native app?
I understand that security is paramount when handling financial transactions. Therefore, I’m eager to learn about any specific security measures to prioritize during integration.

Additionally, if anyone has experience with successfully implementing UPI payments in their React Native projects, their insights and code examples would be incredibly helpful.

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Proactive effort in researching available packages (e.g., react-native-upi-payment).