I plan on proposing to my client a contact/segment sync application between a third party CRM that will leverage the Banno Segment APIs and the Banno Marketing APIs under the Admin APIs (alongside others, these are just the ones I’m mostly concerned about). I’d be directly working with the institution and have full buy-in if the client likes my idea.

I noticed that the Authentication Framework has a note that says a third party can acquire a set of client credentials to use Admin APIs.

  • Is it feasible to propose this solution and get client credentials to automate this customer segment sync application? (This is a loaded question, just assume that the data matches and everything goes swimmingly even if in reality there’s some more specifics to be handled)
  • Also, do clients normally have development environments for testing such applications within Banno Marketing specifically or does it all occur in a production environment?

Thanks, I’m relatively new to the Marketing side of the Banno/Jack Henry ecosystem.