I have created my first Spring boot project with 3.2.1 Springboot version and JPA with MySQL database. I am trying to get the table using REST API

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The table is created but the data is not getting inserted inside the table. The queries show a success of the insert statements but couldn’t get the data in output.

Please help me as this is my first ever Spring boot application as I am new to this.

Many Thanks in advance 🙂

Here is my stack trace statement:
enter image description here

Here is my application.properties file:


I tried changing the application.properties file based on Stack overflow suggestions after reading a few posts but it didn’t work. Initially I was not even able to create a table but after I saw in stack overflow that we need to change the Dialect properties in application.properties as per SQL version, table was created but now data is not getting inserted. [Table created and even used REST API to call it and it’s successful.

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