How to use redis ( with client certificate requirement ) for session state in 4.8

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Hi Stackoverflow Team,

We are currently using Redis for session state and cache management along with SignalR, and everything is working fine 
because our current Redis server configuration allows connections without a client certificate(ssl=false option working).

However, we now have a new Redis server that requires a client certificate(ssl=true option) for connections. We have not found any way to specify certificate-related information in the web.config under the sessionState/providers node.

Note: we are able connect/read/write to redi cache with c# code and a client certificate(ssl=true option) for cache management,but issue with redis session state management.

We have used below technology & nuget package to implemented it:
1. .Net Framework 4.8
2. MVC Version: 5.2.9 with C# 
3. StackExchange.Redis Version: 2.6.96
4. Redis Server Version: 7.2.3
5. Microsoft.AspNet.SessionState.SessionStateModule Version:

Our web config configuration is as below:

    <compilation targetFramework="4.8" />
    <httpRuntime enableVersionHeader="false" targetFramework="4.8" maxRequestLength="2097151" executionTimeout="4800" maxQueryStringLength="32767" encoderType="System.Web.Security.AntiXss.AntiXssEncoder" />
    <sessionState timeout="60" mode="Custom" customProvider="MySessionStateStore">
        <add name="MySessionStateStore" type="Microsoft.Web.Redis.RedisSessionStateProvider" host="" sslHost="" accessKey="<redis password>" ssl="true" retryTimeoutInMilliseconds="60000" throwOnError="true" operationTimeoutInMilliseconds="6000" clientCertPfx="Certificate/clientcertificate.pfx" clientCertPassword="<client ceritificate password>" />

Where NNNNN is the SSL port of redis endpoint.

We are facing below error:
"No connection is available to service this operation: EVAL"
Also attached same error screenshot
[enter image description here](

Any assistance to resolve this issue would be greatly appreciated

We have tried different option for ssl=true for Redis session state management options and as mentioned, we are able to connect/read/write to same redis server with ssl=true option using c# code for our cache management.

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