I have created user event script to send email. I want to send email from company enformation email address, but I am getting error as,
{“type”:”error.SuiteScriptError”,”name”:”SSS_AUTHOR_MUST_BE_EMPLOYEE”,”message”:”The author internal id or email must match an employee.”,”id”:””,”stack”:[“doSendEmail(N/email)”,”afterSubmit(/SuiteScripts/emailsend.js:20)”],”cause”:{“type”:”internal error”,”code”:”SSS_AUTHOR_MUST_BE_EMPLOYEE”,”details”:”The author internal id or email must match an employee.”,”userEvent”:”aftersubmit”,”stackTrace”:[“doSendEmail(N/email)”,”afterSubmit(/SuiteScripts/emailsend.js:20)”],”notifyOff”:false},”notifyOff”:false,”userFacing”:false}

Below is my code:
* @NApiVersion 2.x
* @NScriptType UserEventScript
* @NModuleScope SameAccount
define([‘N/email’, ‘N/log’], function(email, log) {

    function afterSubmit(context) {
        try {
            // Get the current record
            var newRecord = context.newRecord;

            var emailAddress = '[email protected]'

            var name = "oracle netsuite"

            // Send email
                author: '[email protected]', // or any other internal id
                recipients: emailAddress,
                subject: 'Example Subject',
                body: 'Dear ' + name + ',nnThis is an example email sent from SuiteScript.',

            log.debug('Email Sent', 'An email has been sent to ' + emailAddress);

        } catch (e) {
            log.error('Error Sending Email', e);

    return {
        afterSubmit: afterSubmit


Is there any way to work this?