After I totally messed up my base (root) environment and the Jupyter installation within, I want to install it from scratch. To do so, I need to remove it entirely from my system. I tried the solutions recommended in this thread but the jupyter command would not stop working and still returned an output.

How do I successfully eliminate Jupyter from my system (Linux) and I mean everything:

  • Jupyter
  • Jupyter Lab
  • All its dependencies
  • All its files, cached/uncached
  • All installed extensions
  • All configurations
  • All kernels
  • All data directories
  • All paths and directories
  • IPython included

After some tinkering around, here is my final solution on top of the solutions proposed in the mentioned thread. Here are the steps:

  1. Uninstall Jupyter and its dependencies:
pip uninstall jupyter jupyterlab
pip uninstall jupyter_core ipython ipykernel ipywidgets jupyter_client jupyterlab nbclient nbconvert nbformat notebook qtconsole traitlets
  1. Remove Jupyter Configurations:
rm -rf ~/.jupyter
  1. Remove Jupyter paths:

2.1. Run jupyter --paths

2.2. Remove all paths listed with:

rm -rf <path>
  1. Remove Jupyter Cache:
rm -rf ~/.cache/jupyter
  1. Remove IPython configs:
rm -rf ~/.ipython
  1. Verify removal:
jupyter --version

If you get “Not found error”, then Jupyter is removed from your system like it never existed.