How to pass environment variables to Blazor WASM in hybrid Blazor app using .net 8 and Aspire

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I have a .Net 8 solution consisting of:

  • An API (.NET 8 WebAPI with Controllers)
  • A Blazor Application (.Net 8 with Interactive Rendering in Auto mode – i.e. there’s a
    Blazor Server assembly and a Blazor WASM assembly)
  • .Net Aspire AppHost

In the AppHost I am passing environment variables to the API and Blazor projects in local development using .WithEnvironment().

One of the environment variables I pass to the Blazor app is the API’s “Base URL”. This is needed to configure the HttpClient in the WASM assembly.

The issue I have is that the WASM assembly doesn’t seem to be able to see the environment variables being passed to the Blazor project by Aspire.

How can I pass the environment variables from my Blazor server app to the Blazor WASM client app that is created along side it and that the Blazor server app references?

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