How to navigate to the previous cursor position in 010 Editor without bookmarks?

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I’m using 010 Editor and I’m looking for a way to quickly navigate back to my previous cursor position after moving around within the document. I am aware of the bookmark feature (Ctrl + F2 to set and F2 to navigate), but I find it cumbersome for my workflow. I am looking for functionality similar to what you might find in other text editors or IDEs, where you can use shortcut keys to jump back and forth between recent cursor positions.

I’ve tried the common shortcuts like Alt + Left Arrow and Ctrl + -, but they don’t seem to work in 010 Editor.

Is there a built-in feature or a shortcut key that I might be missing to achieve this? If not, is there a way to customize 010 Editor to support this type of navigation?

Any insights or tips would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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