How to get the userID in AWS Amplify with Flutter without getting the SignedOutException

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I’m using Flutter with AWS Amplify to create users and store their information. After sign-up I want to store user data in DataStore with the document’s ID as the current user’s ID. This is where the problem is actually – getting the user’s ID. The function to retrieve the current user’s ID is a Future and has to be awaited. To do this I’ve tried two approaches which have both failed. Firstly in my saveUserData function, which I shall post later on, I tried adding the line final user = await Amplify.Auth.getCurrentUser(); then on the id in my function, which is the document ID, I did something like this id: user.userId. This failed and I got the SignedOutException: No user is currently signed in error even though this is after I’ve just created a user in the previous sign-up page. This is my saveUserData function:

Future<void> saveUserData() async {
    try {
      final user = await Amplify.Auth.getCurrentUser();

      final model = User(
        id: user.userId,
        email: emailController.text,
        password: passwordController.text,
        username: usernameController.text,

      final result = await;

      return result;
    } on DataStoreException catch (e) {
      throw e.message;
    } catch (e) {

I get the SignedOutException: No user is currently signed in when I do this. And so I tried my second method which was to declare a late variable userId the initialize it. I did this

late String userId;

  void initState() {
    WidgetsBinding.instance.addPostFrameCallback((timeStamp) async { 
      final user = await Amplify.Auth.getCurrentUser();
      userId = user.userId;

Then I added the userId on my saveUserData function on the id field. This gave me a LateInitializationError: The field 'userId' is not initialized. Please help me find a better way to do this I’d really appreciate it. Thank you