How to filter and group records efficiently in C#

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A table Work has three columns: ID, Region and Worker.

And there are two DropDown lists.

DropDown A: Select and filter the Region, is bind to region with data regions

DropDown B: Select and filter the Worker, is bind to worker with data workers

The flow: user selects region, then selects worker of that region


List<Work> works = new(); 
works = GetWorks(); //get all the records from the table
List<string> regions = new();
List<string> workers = new();
regions =>w.region).Distinct().ToList();

When the user selects a region

workers = works.Where(w=>w.Region == region).Select(w=>w.worker).Distinct().ToList();

However, it would be incredibly slow when there are thousands of records.

How can I achieve this more efficently? Thanks!