How to disable autosave in FEAR

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Please help me disable autosave in FEAR. The game freezes during autosave, but this cannot be disabled in the settings. I’ve already searched the entire Internet and found nothing anywhere. It remains only to edit the code. please help

I downloaded SDK-1.8-master and tried to change SaveLoadMgr.cpp but I can’t compile it. I tried to open the game through Dragon unpacker, but they are all already compiled, and I can’t open and change them.

Link to SDK 1.8 master

In general, I am engaged in web development and do not understand C and C++, only a little bit in C# (I want to use it on the backend in the future, but I don’t get around to it yet), and the game is cool, but the frieze is very unpleasant

I’m sorry if something is unclear somewhere, English is not my native language

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