How to Begin Building a Chatbot Using OpenAI API?

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I am working on developing a chatbot similar to ChatGPT for an internship project at an AIGC startup. The task involves building both the front-end and back-end of the application. While the natural language processing part will be handled by integrating the OpenAI API, my challenge lies in the lack of experience with full-stack development and API integration.

As my educational background mainly covers basic programming with C, Java, and Python, I find myself needing guidance on the following aspects:

  • Structuring a full-stack application that integrates an external API (specifically, OpenAI’s API).
  • Understanding the workflow for both front-end and back-end development in such a project.
  • Best practices for managing data flow between the user interface and server, especially when dealing with AI-generated content.

I am also unsure about the tools and frameworks that would be best suited for this task, considering my current skill level.

So far, I have done some preliminary research on full-stack development. I’ve looked into Node.js and Express for the back-end, and basic HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for the front-end. However, I am still unclear about how these pieces fit together in a cohesive application, especially when it comes to integrating the OpenAI API.

I have also attempted to outline a basic project structure, but I’m uncertain if it aligns with standard practices for such applications. My expectation was to find clear, beginner-friendly resources or tutorials that specifically cover the integration of AI APIs in a full-stack environment, but most resources I found were either too advanced or not specific to my use case.

I am looking for guidance or resources that could provide a clearer pathway for developing such an application, given my beginner status in full-stack development.

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