How to add a timeout to selecting the agent in a Jenkins declarative pipeline

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I am using declarative pipelines to select an agent based on a user input parameter. The issue is, when the agent is offline, the pipeline stays forever in the build queue. I would like to add some sort of timeout to selecting the agent.

How do I properly add a timeout? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

This is my pipeline:

pipeline {
    agent { node { label "${params.AGENT}" }}
    parameters {
            name: 'AGENT',
            description: 'Host where the pipeline will be run.',
            choices: [ 'foo', 'bar' ],
    stages {
        stage('Rest of the pipeline') {
            steps {
                echo "the rest of my pipeline..."

I have tried adding a timeout option:

    options {
        timeout(time: 5, unit: 'MINUTES', activity: true)

But that did not work for selecting the agent (which I assume happens before any of the stages).