How do I view the contents of my subset in RStudio?

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I have a large tabular data set (csv) which I set as my working directory.

setwd("~/Desktop/folder with data.csv file")
(1) data.csv
dataframe <- read.csv('data.csv')
dataframe <- read.csv('data.csv',header=TRUE)
dataframe <- read.csv('data.csv',header=TRUE,, sep=',')

It has over 20 columns, 2000 rows, and plenty of na values.

One subset I created is of the column that lists the “primary role” (job) for the 3000+ people. This is is because I want to later filter for specific job roles, and let R count how many instances there are.

roles_df <- (data$column)

I removed all na values using na.omit and have a subset of Factors w/ 1076 values.

no_na_df <- na.omit(job_df)
job_no_na_df <- na.omit(job_df)

When I now try to use view to see the data, I get the following error: “could not find function “view””

What can I do to fix this error? I want to inspect the data in the column as I then want to filter out specific words.

I have the following packages loaded:

I have tried to view the data via


And then get: Error in view(job_no_na_df) : could not find function “view”

I have also tried


this returns the error: Error in view(data$job) :
could not find function “view”

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