I am currently using the two-legged basic auth flow to retrieve a Bearer token. I use the scope “data:write”. It works great.

My use case is that I then want to use this bearer token to GET /projects on a regular basis without having to involve a user.

However, when I make that request, I get the error, “Token does not have the privilege for this request.” With error code AUTH-010.

If I change my scope in the auth request to data:read, the error returned with I GET /projects is “You are not authorized to use a 2-legged token. Please use a 3-legged token…”

I see that the /projects endpoint requires user context. In fact, all endpoints in the API docs require user context, which I’m guessing means 3-legged auth. However, if I have to involve a user, the API is not useful to me.

How can I GET projects without user involvement (2-legged)?