i wanna use one actor in pgzrun module and in screen show for example 20 random this actor

pink_girl = Actor(‘pink_girl_idle_1’)

pink_girl.images = [‘pink_girl_idle_2’, ‘pink_girl_idle_3’, ‘pink_girl_idle_4’, ‘pink_girl_idle_5’, ‘pink_girl_idle_6’, ‘pink_girl_idle_7’, ‘pink_girl_idle_8’, ‘pink_girl_idle_9’, ‘pink_girl_idle_10’, ‘pink_girl_idle_11’, ‘pink_girl_idle_12’, ‘pink_girl_idle_13’, ‘pink_girl_idle_14’, ‘pink_girl_idle_15’, ‘pink_girl_idle_16’]
pink_girl.fps = 20

def update():


def draw():


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