How can I rename go model type names generated by sqlc so that they don’t include the schema name?

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Given this sqlc.yaml file:

version: "2"
  - engine: "postgresql"
    schema: "internal/db/schema.sql"
    queries: "internal/db/queries.sql"
        package: "db"
        out: "internal/db"
        sql_package: "pgx/v5"

this internal/db/schema.sql:

CREATE SCHEMA go_htmx_todo;

CREATE TABLE go_htmx_todo.todos (
    id integer NOT NULL,
    task character varying(255) NOT NULL,
    done boolean DEFAULT false NOT NULL,
    created_at timestamp without time zone DEFAULT CURRENT_TIMESTAMP NOT NULL,
    created_by integer NOT NULL,
    updated_at timestamp without time zone DEFAULT CURRENT_TIMESTAMP NOT NULL,
    updated_by integer NOT NULL

and this internal/db/queries.sql:

-- name: GetTodo :one
SELECT * FROM go_htmx_todo.todos
WHERE id = $1 LIMIT 1;

when I run sqlc generate with sqlc version v1.26.0, the following internal/db/models.go file is generated:

package db

import (

type GoHtmxTodoTodo struct {
    ID        int32
    Task      string
    Done      bool
    CreatedAt pgtype.Timestamp
    CreatedBy int32
    UpdatedAt pgtype.Timestamp
    UpdatedBy int32

The question is how can I configure sqlc to generate the model’s struct name as Todo instead of GoHtmxTodoTodo i.e. to omit the schema name?