How can I move scroll rect by children inside other child which is in content rect transform of scroll rect

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I have a problem, because I group sth by the months, and when I open the month sth deep in this month is visibility. Parent of months is content in scroll rect component, and I can move it by scrolling mouse on months, but when I want to scroll by the children I cant make it. This is screenshot of my hierarchy in unity: [![screenshot from unity hierarchy](]( [![enter image description here](]( I can scroll only by the first object(month), how can i repair it, without huge changes in hierarchy, because hierarchy using a looong script which I have to change? I will mention that I cant use vertical layout group and content size fitter, because its make a lot of problems with scrolling in this example, and I resigned of use it.

I was looking in yt, and a lot of unity forums, but I can`t find any interesting informations about my problem.