How can i map DTO to entity in typescript?

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In my project, I use Vue + TypeScript and Axios to get objects from the backend. So, I have an object type like this:

class Annoucement {
    id!: string;
    description?: string;
    deal?: Deal;
    realty?: Reality;
    user?: User; 

and a response like this:

  "id": "guid",
  "description": "string",
  "deal": {
  "realty": {
  "user": {

The main problem is that deal and reality can have different properties, thats why I cant just use something like this

let annoucement = new Annoucement(); =;

So I have just two solution of this problem:

  1. Check responses properties with if` and define type
  2. Get responses in different functions, where i will know the response structure.

I have tried to find a solution in Google. But in most cases, people ask how to map an entity to a DTO.