I’m brand new to Cassandra and I’m having trouble trying to figure out how to order my data. I’m trying to record messages from twitch.tv for each streamer. I want something like the following

CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS chat_data.twitch_chat_by_broadcaster_and_timestamp (
    broadcaster_id int,
    timestamp int,
    message text,
    PRIMARY KEY (broadcaster_id, timestamp)

While not an issue for a hobby project, how do you solve the problem of two messages being sent at the exact same time. I’m aware of TimeUUID, but I want the messages sorted by the timestamp of when they were sent, and it doesn’t look like there are any official ways to create a TimeUUID other than now().

I envision using this database for getting all messages in a given time range for a given stream. I realize I could add another UUID field to guarantee uniqueness, but then that would screw up my query since I have to specify an exact time.

What’s the right way to order this data to allow efficient querying?