Google Play Developer account terminated due to violations by associated account or High Risk Behavior deadlock loop [closed]

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I have had an issue for several weeks now that I cannot find a solution to. Basically, I have been publishing applications from different google developer accounts according to my client’s request. The applications are usually simple created with React Native. They sometimes contain ADS, and sometimes they use the library react-native-adjust SDK for tracking the frequency of using certain features in the app to better enhance it. Some applications do not have any of this and they are centered around the main app functionality. But regardless of the scope of the application, I have been getting app rejections and immediate accounts removal ever since I tried publishing the first application using the react-native-adjust SDK.

I have tried changing the library version as sometimes i got a declaration that this version has Malware. I tried being explicit in the forms and showing how I am using the library , when i do , and to what extend. I have also been explicit with the data collection in the Data Safety section. I cannot change the library used as this is the client’s request. I have tried appealing in several accounts but to no avail. I also tried publishing using different remote desktop servers (Microsoft Windows Servers) and Virtual dedicated servers (Mac OS hostmyapple/UltaHost) but still to no avail.

The apps are completely different, publishing from different accounts, with different code base and different functionalities, and if any SDK or ADS are used it is explicitly mentioned.

For context i have gotten several different reasons for account termination and app removal, sometimes ‘High risk behavior’ and sometimes ‘Enforcement process policy – repeated or serious violations such as malware fraud and/or user or device harm’ and sometimes it was simply ‘Multiple violations by this or previously associated terminated developer accounts’.

When building the aab is there information transmitted off the local device that makes the application related to another one?
Is there information that is transmitted when logging in a Remote Server or a VDS that makes the accounts related?
Has anyone faced an issue with using React-Native-Adjust-SDK and publishing with Google ?
I could use some insight into my way of coding the app or publishing that may or may not be the reason for this deadlock.

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