I am using ggiraph with geom_tile_interactive in RStudio. The graph renders beautifully in the viewer window but after converting to HTML & hovering over the graph online, the font size is too tiny to read. I am using ggiraph 0.8.7 and the latest CRAN version of htmlwidgets. This is my code

g <- ggplot(gg.dat, aes(x = class, y = var.lab, fill = probability,
                        tooltip = paste0(class, "n", var.lab, "n", probability),
                                       data_id = var.lab)) +
         geom_tile_interactive(width = .75)

    g.int <- girafe(ggobj = g)

    saveWidget(g.int, file = paste0(my.dir, "/", my.graph.name, ".html), 
               selfcontained = TRUE)

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.