I am trying to use the public.ecr.aws/lambda/python:3.10 base image to be used with aws lambda, i am trying to add gossamer3 as a tool in the image and adding some python modules to the image. Here is the error i am seeing

“errorType”: “Runtime.InvalidEntrypoint”,
“errorMessage”: “RequestId: 316e57e3-5213-4790-8f97-1bb2563efb77 Error: fork/exec /tmp: permission denied”

i have tried setting /tmp and /project as the Workdir in my Dockerfile. I have tired setting chmod 777 on /project exclusively as well(tmp already has open perms). I have tried using the lambda function overrides for ENTRYPOINT,CMD and Workdir as well to point to /tmp but i cant seem to get passed this error.

Has anyone seen this issue?

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