Game Launcher logic with electron.js

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I am currently developing a game launcher using React and Electron and would appreciate some guidance on best practices and potential challenges. The backend infrastructure is already in place, but I’m new to Electron and unsure about the best way to approach the frontend and integration aspects.

Project Features:

Locate Game Source File Location: Ability to find and manage the path to the game executable.
Locate Game Setting File Location: Manage configurations and settings specific to the user’s environment or preferences.
Update Game Version (Incremental Updates): Implement a mechanism to update the game by downloading only modified data, rather than the entire game file, to optimize bandwidth and update speed.
Launcher Version Updates: Similar to game updates, but for the launcher application itself, ensuring users have the latest features and security patches.
Specific Questions:

How can I structure my Electron app to efficiently manage and update file paths for both the game source and settings?
What are the recommended strategies for implementing incremental updates for both the game and launcher? Are there specific libraries or Electron functionalities that could simplify this process?
Are there any particular pitfalls or common issues in integrating Electron with React that I should be aware of?
I’m looking to build a robust and user-friendly launcher, so any insights or examples from similar projects would be highly beneficial. Thank you in advance for your help!

I try to use websocket but I’m not sure this way is correct.

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