Extracting data from a UTF-8 file format and importing it into a utf-8 file format in VBA

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I would like to extract a Japanese letters data from a UTF-8 file format and copying it into another utf-8 file format.

Expected output: カカカカカカカカカ字字字字字字字

Actual output: ・カ・カ・カ・カ・カ・'蟄怜ュ怜ュ怜ュ怜ュ怜ュ怜 (garbage data)

Sub ReadTextFileDataInExcel()
    Dim TblNum As String
    TblNum = Worksheets("data").Range("A2").Value
    Dim RowNumber   As Long
    Dim TextFile    As String
    Dim LineData    As String
    Dim stemp() As Collection
    Dim Test As Variant
    TextFile = ThisWorkbook.path & "" & TblNum & "" & "CA003" & "10_RunScript20.ExpectResult.sql"
    MyDir = ThisWorkbook.path & "" & TblNum & "" & "CA003" & "10_RunScript"
        MyFileName = MyDir & "40.ExpectResult.sql"
    RowNumber = 1
    Dim newTxt As String
    Open TextFile For Input As #1
        Do While Not EOF(1)
            Line Input #1, LineData
            If LineData Like "insert*" Then
                Worksheets("40.ExpectResult_TEMP").Range("A" & RowNumber).Value = LineData
                LineData = Replace(LineData, "_DUMMY", "")
                newTxt = newTxt & vbCr & LineData
                RowNumber = RowNumber + 1
            End If
            WriteIfFile_utf8 MyFileName, Mid(newTxt, 2)
    Close #1
End Sub

Function WriteIfFile_utf8(strPath As Variant, str As Variant)
    Dim objStream As Object
    Dim utfStr As Variant
    Set objStream = CreateObject("adodb.stream")

    With objStream
        .Type = 2 'adTypeText
        .Charset = "SHIFT-JIS"
        .writetext str
        .savetofile strPath, 2
    End With
    Set objStream = Nothing
End Function