Exporting complete Solutions from Power Platform to Repos on AzureDevOps with Pipelines

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The Tasks in the pipeline
The compare function when exporting solution packages with pipeline
The compare function when exporting only the app (with personal access tokens) instead of the full solution

I export a solution package from powerplatform to Repos on AzureDevOps. For this I am using pipelines. I’ve already put a solution in the main branch. Now I’ve made some changes in the app on power platform, and exported the app with the changes (the full solution package) to a branch on Repos.

The issue I encounter is that I don’t clearly get to see the changes and the difference between the app in main and the app in the branch.

When I do this via another route, by using personal access tokens etc and uploading only the app (not the complete solution package) to repos, I do get to see the exact differences between the apps, showing which exact changes are made in the newer version of the app. See screenshots.

I want to do version control, and whenever someone makes changes I want to be able to compare and approve before pushing to production.

I’ve watched all the youtube videos an read through all the documentations, but it seems like that no one has ever encounterd this issue?? Every youtube video, every guide on google stops at the ‘upload and visible on repos’-stage. None of them continue to the next step and do the actual version comparison.

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