Docker authentication with GCP from R

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I’ve built a docker image from R via the terminal (docker build -t penguins .)

When I try to run the image via the terminal (docker run --rm -e .Renviron -p 8000:8000 penguins)

I’ve passed in my .Renviron file which contains my environmental variables (GCE_AUTH_FILE) which points to my service account json file.

When I run the docker image I receive the following error pointing to a missing .httr_auth file however when I run httr::with_verbose(googleAuthR::gar_auth_service(json_file = Sys.getenv("GCE_AUTH_FILE"))) I get a http 200 which is good news

I’m confused what needs to be done to get authenticated from within the docker image.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

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